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Our Services

Below are a list of the services we offer. All dogs are walked on the lead. If you would like, after an initial getting to know you period and I am happy that you dog has good recall, with your permission, I am happy to walk them off the lead. Please note that all dogs will be walked on the lead when we are near traffic.  

Solo Walks


Solo walks are perfect for dogs who are nervous around other dogs or for dogs in season. They will be treated the same as the group walks, they will be let off the lead in an enclosed open area to run around and play ball games.


If you wish, I can slowly introduce them to other dogs and give them a chance to socialise.   


Group Walks


If your dog is happy to mix with other dogs, they can play and get extra exercise. Rest assured your dog will only be walked with other dogs who are sociable. Dogs will be walked in your local neighbourhood, local country parks, local dog parks or along the river depending on length of the walk booked. Your dog will be walked for the whole time that you are paying for.

Home Boarding


Your dog can join us for the day whilst you're at work, visiting family, on a hospital stay, if you are going away on holiday or having a short break or weekend away. Your pet stays at my home as part of the family and is included in day to day family life.  Your pet will also get 3 walks a day, in all weather, so your dog is welcome to bring a coat. I only board from one family at a time so your dog will feel comfortable and have my attention. Your pet will not be allowed to do anything that I do not allow my own dogs to do. Your pets health, happiness and safety is my priority.  Also if your dog is on medication I am happy to give it to them and a record will be kept for you to see.

Your dog can join us for the day or half a day depending on his needs and play with our resident dogs Jazmine and Anda.

Sleepover Service


We now offer a sleepover service. If you have a wedding, a BBQ or another event that your dog cannot accompany you to and you are worried about leaving them alone then allow us to look after them for you.

We can collect your dog at 9am and they can spend a fun filled time with us until we return them by 3pm the following day.


Your dog will receive walks both locally and over a country park.


Puppy and OAP visits


Short walks and play visits for the very old or the very young who are unable to walk far or have not completed their vaccinations yet. Approx 30 mins visit for fun and games, in the garden, if nice weather, and allowing for a comfort break. Fresh water will be put down and snacks (if allowed) are given. Time can be extended if required. These visits are also good if your pet is recovering from surgery. If you have any questions or worries please contact me. 

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